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The baddest BAMF this side of Gotham!

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Someone sent me Artemis for this meme I was doing on my personal Tumblr, thought I’d share my answers here as well.

  • Why I like her: Because she’s badass. And beautiful as hell. And I see a lot of myself in her personality, on a lot of things. I can really relate to her. And I just admire her courage and her passion and her attitude. I love that she goes against everything she was raised to be, proving that she is her own person and you can shape your own destiny. I love that despite her differences with Jade, she still loves her. I love how she just wants to surround herself with love and be loved. I love that even as a hero, she hated ratting out her old friend Cameron; she’d signed up to be a hero, not a snitch. This girl’s got her priorities straight.  
  • Why I don’t: I don’t hate anything about her, so nothing to say here.
  • Favorite episode: My favorite Artemis show-casing episode is probably Homefront. Such a good episode. I love how human she is, having that breakdown, but still being brave enough to go out there and face the Reds down with literally only one arrow left in her quiver and one chance to make the shot. I also love her flashbacks about Jade leaving, poor baby.
  • Favorite season/movie: I feel like I can’t answer this one right now, since the series is still going.
  • (A) favorite line: “I know you understand. That might’ve been true about our family, but I found a new family. And around here, we’re all for one, and one for—”
  • Favorite outfit: I like her civvies. :3 (and her uniform, for that matter)
  • OTP: Wally/Artemis!
  • Brotp: Artemis and Zatanna!
  • HeadCanon: I’m not good with headcanons, so no comment
  • Unpopular Opinion: I STRONGLY disagree with the notion that Artemis is afraid of love and/or letting people into her life, or that she thinks she’s not good enough for Wally. 
  • A wish: I wish for Artemis to pull through all this. I hope she stays true to herself and continues to be the amazing hero she was always destined to be, the one that makes Paula so proud and the one that Wally fell in love with. I hope she returns safely to Wally and things are okay for them both.
  • An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: Turn evil for real
  • 5 words to best describe her: Passionate, beautiful, intelligent, sassy, badass.
  • My nickname for them: I usually just call her Artemis.

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